Company Overview

Who We Are?

Softlogic Australia Pty Ltd has implemented many systems (ChefMax, Invisible Systems, AlliedOne and Audit Manager) over 100 sites across health, hospital, aged care, food services sectors. Many of our customers utilise multiple product solutions from us; this is indicative of the value they place on us as a business partner.

Our mission statement is to provide a solution that reduces costs, increases efficiency and help make our customers job that little less demanding. Our customers range from large hospitals to medium/ small health and aged care organisations, cafés, major shopping centres and correctional facilities.

Softlogic Australia’s products and services are exclusively focussed on Health, Hospitals and Aged care Services from – patient centric services such as Food Service management and nutrition planning to health services such as Allied Health Management, Electronic Compliance and Auditing solutions together with a comprehensive solution to monitor temperature, humidity, gas and electricity in a cost effective and efficient manner.
Softlogic Australia’s customers are predominantly Health Services such as Hospitals and Aged care and Food Services such as cafés and restaurant, and Pharmacies and Pathologies.
Softlogic Australia also provides services that include Helpdesk support based in Melbourne, Development services for individual service requirements, installation and calibration and compliance services, plus training and coaching.

Softlogic Holdings PLC

Softlogic Australia Pty Ltd is a branch office of Softlogic PLC in Sri Lanka. One of the biggest conglomerate in Sri Lanka with business interests across multiple products and services. Softlogic PLC provides over 9000 jobs across a variety of product and service offerings with an annual turnover of over US$ 350 million (AU$390).

At a high level Softlogic PLC has substantial interests in the Health care sector owning and operating 6 hospitals and being recognised as Sri Lanka’s most preferred private healthcare brand.

In retail Softlogic PLC combines the world’s leading brands focussing on not just the brands but also the whole customer experience. Retail business is an evolving process and Softlogic PLC’s approach is to provide that overall shopping experience and enhance the customer experience.

Softlogic have a strong presence in financial services in Sri Lanka. They are the leading financial service company in Sri Lanka and offer services ranging from Finance, insurance, investment and stock broking.

ICT where Softlogic originated from offers services within IT, Hardware, and Software including communications, office automation, mobile distribution and Softlogic Australia sits in this business sector.

Softlogic PLC’s in the Automobile industry, starts with a strong relationship with Ford Motor Company in the US and Daihatsu. Softlogic Automobiles also have a proud relationship with King Long, China’s largest bus company who have a working relationship with SkyBus in Victoria, Australia.

The Leisure Sector has seen Softlogic Australia, build partnerships with Abacus International Singapore to cater to the travel industry. Apart from this relationship Softlogic Australia now own and operate three world class hotels from the heart of Colombo through to the south of the island.

Why Softlogic

Softlogic Australia has always followed a simple philosophy – Listen to the client’s needs! Understand the client’s business! Deliver a solution that would make sense for the client to achieve their business objectives!

Softlogic Australia, since 2000 has earned the trust and acknowledgement of its customers by building strong partnerships and providing superior software solutions. Our core business is software development and we serve a wide gamut of clientele with our diversified products and service offerings. Our focus is to build lasting relationships with our customers and find the best available solutions to their critical needs.
The following are some reasons why Softlogic Australia is your chosen partner to deploy mission critical and value-driven solutions.

Having served the Healthcare industry since 2000 as a solutions provider and as an active client partner, Softlogic has won the trust of customers & their staff by working closely in identifying client requirements & defining effective Solutions. Highly regarded as a domain expert and a trend setter in the usage of innovative technology to harness cost & productivity gains for customers.
Our pricing strategy involves value pricing to the customer and helping them achieve a quick ROI. It is structured to fit into budgets of varying time cycles & constraints. This flexibility would be a “Win-Win” experience for both the client and Softlogic Australia.
Softlogic Australia’s investment in research and development assists us to be ahead of the competition. We share our innovations with our customers and help them implement using cutting edge technology to provide them the technological advantage for a value price to be the leader in their market space

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