Allied Health Management

Allied One was designed by Allied Health professionals in conjunction with Softlogic Australia to meet key informational & regulatory requirements in the industry.

Designed using latest technology, Allied One can be implemented by any hospital who wants to meet ‘The Allied Health Minimum Data Set’ & who needs excellence in their business operations.

Allied One is a tool that can be used to explore & explain ‘Allied Health Space’ that has emerged as a prominent health services management component in recent times. Much research & work has already been carried out yet without proper informational vehicles to manage the ‘efficiency, competition and accountability within the context of evidence-based practice and quality improvement’. Allied One could be the stepping stone in this direction.

AlliedOne is our solution that allows management to monitor and control the patient's journey across the allied health space.
     It helps to
Manage costs,
Make effective of use of therapists and account for therapists’ time & responses to patient contacts
Provides functionalities to efficiently account for evidenced based intervention
Recording and services improvements to patients
Links with the patient administration systems to capture patient movements & demographic data

Can be integrated with patient administration system to capture PMI, Admission & Discharge data.
Administrators/Clinicians can create intervention related master data like intervention, indicator, diagnosis, Outcome, etc for each discipline.
Each discipline can be categorized into ‘Allocations’ to make client & care provider intervention recording process to be more visible in terms of work load of clinicians and reporting of ‘occasion of services’.
Case management is separated into IPA (‘Inpatient’, ‘Outpatient’) & ‘NIPA’ with ‘Single’ & ‘Group’ intervention capturing functionalities for each clinician.
Outpatients’ are booked into Allied One by an easy to use ‘Appointment Management’ module.
Waiting List Management’ allow patients to be allocated appointments via ‘Referrals’
TR2 Data file into .CSV format for ‘Inpatient’, ‘Outpatient’ & ‘Both’ can be extracted for a ‘Period’ per ‘HCP’.
Client IT & Softlogic can configure this data link by using standard OBDC / HL7 feeds to the SQL Server 2005/2008 database.

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